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Who We Are

The nexus of two ideas lies at the heart of MoCo. One, a music-first ensemble where learning is valued and musical skills are developed - this is a good thing. Good for the performers, good for the audiences, and good for the larger community. And two, an organization that lifts up women as performers, as creators, and as community leaders - this is a good thing. Put those two together and you have a great thing - MoCo.

But MoCo isn't just us. It's you, too. Every time you attend a concert, every time you make a supporting donation, every time you tell a friend that they really should check out MoCo, you're helping to build something great for our little part of the big world. So that's who we really are. Performers, creators, and supporters - we're all MoCo. 

In the past, music offered women opportunities that other segments of society denied them. MoCo is the next iteration in a long line of innovative organizations recognizing womens' valuable contributions to art and culture.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Montgomery County Women's Chorus is to share musical artistry with audiences throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area (DMV) by developing performance excellence in women’s choral singing. 


Our Vision

The Montgomery County Women’s Chorus will build a stronger community by creating cross-generational performance opportunities for women, both within the chorus membership itself and by specifically engaging young musicians through a young artists program. The Chorus will commission new music, emphasizing texts by women authors and subjects that acknowledge women’s contributions to the human endeavor. 

Founding Ideals

The Montgomery County Women's Chorus is a music-first organization with an auditioned membership. The Chorus recognizes that performance excellence is rooted in specific musical skills that are the foundation of musical craft. 


Montgomery County features three of the most diverse cities in America, and the Chorus will reflect that diversity in its leadership, membership, and repertoire. 


The success of our organization will be measured by its longevity. Both the performing women of our community and our audiences deserve a strong organization that successfully navigates transitions in both membership and leadership.

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We Need Your Support Today!

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